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“United Agency has been an absolute lifeline for me on my journey towards financial freedom. With their guidance, I’ve gained confidence, developed a solid financial tracking system, and set actionable goals. United Agency’s personalized approach, insightful conversations, and expert advice have helped me improve my credit score and plan for the short and long term. I’m now more confident than ever that I can achieve my financial goals, and I owe a large part of that to United Agency. Give them a try – it’s truly in your best interest.”


“United Agency has been an invaluable resource for our business’s financial planning. Their caring approach and clear frameworks have created a safe space to discuss our personal finances. With their guidance, we’ve filled our short-term safety net, developed a plan for long-term goals, and gained insights into mid-term investments. United Agency’s unwavering presence and expertise make them a highly recommended partner for anyone seeking financial clarity and growth.”


“Facing the aftermath of the 2008 market crash, I had to rely on my savings and retirement plans, but it became clear that they wouldn’t last. Despite my initial fear and hesitation, United Agency stepped in and helped me navigate the situation. With their expert guidance, I transitioned into an annuity plan that maximized my savings, providing a huge relief. Thanks to their support, I didn’t have to sell my house and can continue living comfortably. It was a crucial decision, and I’m grateful to United Agency for their expertise and assistance.”


“The thing that is great about United Agency is that they are so present and available. Anytime I had a question or a financial matter to discuss, they were always accessible within a day, providing me with practical advice and ideas. I genuinely appreciate their grounded faith and how they have helped me gain a fresh perspective on things. Their non-judgmental, logical, and knowledgeable approach has been invaluable. I wholeheartedly recommend United Agency to anyone seeking financial guidance, and I wish them immense success in all their endeavors.”


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